Capture One Pro 12

Creative control is the name of the game with Phase One’s  Capture One 12 software.

Along with an improved user interface that makes it easier to use over long editing sessions, Capture One 12’s biggest enhancements can be found in its’ masking tools.

For starters, luminosity masking allows for the quick creation of masks based on the brightness of pixels in an image, and can easily be tweaked or changed at any point in the workflow, as well as applied from one image to another.

Then there’s the linear gradient mask, which allows for editable, moveable, rotatable, and asymmetric gradient masks that can be created and tweaked with precision.

Lastly, the radial gradient mask enables a desired falloff effect on vignettes and can also be adjusted, rotated and moved as you like.

Other features of the Capture One 12 include:

  • A plug-in ecosystem that allows for third-party extensions
  • Fujifilm X-Series and GFX-series Film Simulation support
  • Important UX tweaks that include a cleaned up browser list mode, larger font, cursor, and thumbnail sizes, and the ability to ignore composition in copy/paste settings operations
  • 12.0 camera support for the Nikon Z7, Nikon Z6, Canon EOS R, and Canon EOS M50

Available for purchase or upgrade at ProGear.