How To: Lighting for Fashion Shots

You Tube is not only an optimal platform for Let’s Plays or viral videas, but is also a resource for very convenient ways to learn “how to” do things on the fly. If you want to learn how to fix a tail light, become a real estate investor or even learn how to be a fashion photographer, anyone in the world (specifically with internet capabilities) can look up “how to” video on You Tube and become semi-pro!

In this case, fashion photography is the How To lesson of choice. A fabulous option for shooting in studio is to go with Broncolor lights. Broncolor created this excellent YouTube tutorial video in their facility in Switzerland with the help of Urs Recher, Broncolor’s in-house photographer and consultant, and with the help of photographer and instructor Karl Taylor.

Below is the link to Broncolor’s channel on YouTube, where you can watch their How To video on Lighting for Fashion shots.

Now that you know how to light for fashion shots, it’s time to get to work. But where to start? Below is a list of top Broncolor lighting equipment products to reproduce lighting created in the tutorial, as recommended by Bolt Productions.

Now that you have the know how, the recipe, and the ingredients, go forth and light your fashion shot like a pro! All equipment is available for rent at Bolt Productions in Dallas, for daily or weekly rates, including studio space. We’d love to be a resource in your production and help achieve your best photoshoot yet. For more resources, check out our website. Or if you’re looking for more professional photo and video tips and tricks, our Blog has top of the line How To’s and recommendations for you.