Phase One XF IQ4

Phase One has a thing with pushing boundaries and the XF IQ4 is no exception.

The IQ4 has a litany of solid features, but there are two that really set it apart: image quality and flexibility.

With a 151MP back-side illuminated BSI sensor, the quality of your images will make your eyes pop — from the intricate details, the color vibrancy, and the amazing sharpness, even when zoomed in and tightly cropped.

And with three tethering options — ethernet, USB-C, and wireless — you’ll love the freedom of the increased mobility and flexibility, no matter if you’re in studio or on location.

Other features include:

Modular and open platform, which allow you to choose the lenses, viewfinder, and digital back combination that best first your shooting style
Control customization, so your assigned actions to buttons and dials are ready and waiting when you need them
Intuitive focus tools, giving you the ability to focus and recompose; trim; and calibrate your lenses or adjust focus directly in Capture One

Speaking of Capture One, the cutting-edge RAW editing core of the software is now directly integrated into the IQ4, giving you advanced control and customization.

Available for rent or purchase at ProGear. Contact us for availability (expected to arrive late October 2018).