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DISCLAIMER:  Below is a list of persons or companies that have asked to be placed on Pro Gear Orlando’s Photo Production Resources Page.  Pro Gear Orlando does NOT recommend or refer anyone or any company directly, and any or all abilities of the person or company listed is based on their Self Proclaimed Abilities and or Services.  It is the responsibility of the hiring party to contact and qualify them directly.  Pro Gear Orlando assumes no responsibility for the conduct or capabilities of persons or companies being listed.

If you or your company / services would like to be listed on Pro Gear Orlando’s Photo Production Resources Page, please send an email to

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NamePhoneWeb Address
Harrison Cooney(321)
Sean Edmonston(386) 843-0901N/A
Aaron Wendler(904)
Justin Green(386)
Matt Maloy(407) 758-6408N/A
Hunter Gelsen(561) 281-9333N/A
Chris "Chiili" Horton(213) 880-3379N/A
David Brinko(386) 516-6192N/A
Emily Christie(407) 491-4177N/A
Rosco Weber(352)
Dean Ray(407) 579-8900N/A
Lee South(email requested)
Juan Hernandez(954) 805-6519N/A
Felipe "Flip" Patino(954) 270-8129N/A
Alejandro "Alex" De Laet(786) 271-0005N/A
Joaquin "Jack" Rivas(786) 316-8765
Jake Soper(912)
Nick Lewis(407)
Haley Smith(352) 346-0010
Zach Scheffer(727)
Justin Green(386)
Sean Edmonston(386) 843-0901N/A
Mark Borosch(813)
John Victor(727) 204-8911N/A
Haley Smith(352) 346-0010
NamePhoneWeb AddressProducer or PA
Kim McEniry(407) 599-5099www.overflowpro.comProducer
Norma Sardy(407) 758-3061LinkedInProducer
Anna Barcis(941) 204-2373www.barcisproductions.comProducer
Jake Kemp(407) 716-2449N/APA
Jade meadows(352) 478-9062N/APA
Topher Robb(407) 341-6336N/APA
Tim Morrow(407) 242-5593N/APA
Sophie Deroy(895) 803-6154N/APA
Matthew Bragg(412) 848-6801N/APA
Nick Perkins(937) 838-8218N/APA
NamePhoneWeb AddressSound / AudioGaff
Jake Kemp(407) 716-2449IMDb LinkIMDb Link
Carl Carden(407) 365-2985IMDb LinkIMDb Link
Chris "Chiili" Horton(213) 880-3379N/AN/A
Kimberly Cobb(850) 300-9799N/A
Leo Harvey(407) 247-2825N/A
Yolanda Winters(321)
Pamela Jean(727) 642-6702
Judi Stewart(352)
Kristina Rice(813) 966–
Keila Rivera(407) 924-2288
Christopher Crumb*(321) 228-3731Please Email✓ *
Jen Burkley(727)
Makeup Dy DarcyMM - Darcy Manning(323) 635-6407
* Prop Master, IATSE Local 477
NamePhoneWeb AddressCateringCraft Services
Jessica Tripod(407) 312-1388Please Call / Text
Kristina Rice(813) 966–
James Marino(407)
Jay Clark(321) 663-7443
NamePhoneWeb Address
Dave Grier(407)