Profoto Acute 2r 1200 w/ 1 Acute Head

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Acute 2r 1200 w/1 Acute Head, 13′ stand & 45″ umbrella

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Profoto offers fast recycling times and action-stopping short flash duration for any type of use. Featuring a dual voltage capability, durable design, consistency of light output and color temperature, and compatibility with Profoto’s full line of modular light shaping tools, Profoto is the first choice of professional photographers around the world.

The Actue 2r 1200 with 1 Acute Head hosts the additional built-in PocketWizard Brand Digital Radio Slave, in order to provide freedom from sync cords.

The modular Acute  flash head design features a heavy duty, circular, quartz flash tube and UV coated protection dome surrounding both the flash tube and the 250W modeling light. It provides even, constant illumination without variation. The modelling lights for the flash heads are readily available in a variety of voltages for worldwide use. There are optional domes that are more heavily coated, for a warming effect of the light output.

The Power Pack kit includes one of each:  Head, 13′ stand & 45″ umbrella

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