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2 way radio production items
Production Items
PortablePower Production Items

Production Items

Pro Gear Orlando can supply your productions needs and we also deliver.  In addition to renting production items we also stock Superior Seamless Roll Paper.

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6’ Folding Table$10$30
Folding Chair$4$16
Directors Chair$6$18
Posing Stool$10$30
10 x 10 Easy-Up Tent - White (no sides)$40$120
10 x 10 Black-out Digi-Tent (outside white, inside black, 4 sides)$50$150
10 x 10 Black-out Digi-Tent Kit (includes portable AC / generator)$225$675
Portable A/C unit (includes exhaust hose, 10.8amp draw)$110$330
Magliner Jr. w/ Top Shelf$55165
Magliner Sr. w/ Top Shelf$75$225
Kartmaster Digi-Tech Cart$50$150
MultiCart Rock-n-Roller w/ Top and Bottom Shelves$30$90
C-Stand Cart (holds 12 - 40" C-Stands w/arms)$25$75
Low-Pull Cart (for sand bags, 400 lb capacity)$15$45
Small Step Ladder$5$15
6’ Ladder$10$30
8’ Ladder$15$45
10’ Ladder$15$45
3-Panel LED Work light (on stand)$15$45
Furni Pad$2$6
Ice Chest / Cooler (60qt. on wheels)$6$18
Water Dispenser Cooler (5 gal.)$5$15
Leaf Blower$15$45
Garbage Can$2$6
Traffic Cone$2$6
Heavy Duty Portable Make-Up Mirror (needs table)$75$225
Above has 3 Kino Daylight and 3 Kino Tungsten Bulbs, Mirror is 17"×22"--
Pop Up Portable Change Tent (for tall models)$10$30
Jiffy Commercial Steamer$25$75
Iron and Ironing Board$10$30
Rolling Wardrobe Rack$12$36
Plastic Hangers (50 ct.)$5$10
Reel Efx Varibeam Turbo Fan II$50$150
Box Fan$5$15
Portable AC unit (needs generator)$150$450
Honda EU7000is (7000 watts - ×2 - 20 amps) (w/ spare gas container)$135$405
Honda EU3000is (3000 watts - ×1 20 amp duplex) (w/ spare gas container)$75$125
Honda EU2000i (2000 watts - 16.7 amps) (w/ spare gas container)$60$180
Battery / Charger
Godox - Volta V-385 Power Inverter w/ Power Sockets (x3) USB ports (x3) 20,000mAh$50$150
V-385 Extra Replacement Battery 20,000mAh$20$60
Lizone 4000mAh battery (w/Macbook Pro adapts) perfect for MBP laptop$20$60
APC Battery Backup-UPS 550$10$30
Stingers (extension cords)
25’ AC Cords$4$12
50’ AC Cords$5$15
100’ AC Cords$10$30
Power Strip$3$9
Heavy Duty 3-outlet whip$3$9
1K Rotary Hand Dimmer$15$45
Motorola CP200D 2-Way Radio (Walkie Talkie) incls. battery, charger$9$27
Spare Battery for Motorola CP200D 2-Way Radio$2$6
Motorola Surveillance Kit for CP200D (inserts into ear)$3$9
Motorola G-Hook Earpiece for CP200D (covers ear, non-inserting)$3$9
Motorola 6-Unit Charger$5$15
Filters / Gels
Filters 48" x 25’ Roll - CTO, CTB, ND, Diffusion and Most other types$145
Filters 48" - Sold by the Yard$20
Filters - 21" x 24" Sheet$12
*Some Filters are special order only. Please call to inquire.*
Gaff Tape & Misc.
Foam Core Black on White (4’ x 8’ x 3/16")$25
V Flats (made-to-order, B/W, 4’ x 8’ x 3/16")$60
2" Pro Gaffer Tape (Black or White)$25
Canned Air - 10oz can$10
Cinefoil Black Foil - 12"×50’ or 24"×25’ Roll$35
Sash Cord - 100ft$16
Superior Seamless Roll Paper (click for color swatch)
Superior Seamless 4’ (53" x 36′) Roll on Core (Colors or White)$38
Superior Seamless 9’ (107" x 36′) Roll on Core (Snow, or Arctic)$65
Superior Seamless 9’ (107" x 36′) Roll on Core (Colors)$65
Superior Seamless 12’ (144" x 50′) Roll on Core (White)$195
Superior Seamless 12’ (144" x 50′) Roll on Core (Gray, Black, or Chroma Green)$205
Superior Seamless 12’ (144" x 100′) Roll on Core White (SPECIAL ORDER)$295
Custom cut seamless lengths are available upon purchase$6