Sony A7R IV Digital Camera: So much to love

There are some cameras you like and others you LOVE — and the Sony A7R IV has the potential to be your next serious love match. It’ll come on strong with its 61MP full-frame CMOS sensor and enough processing speed to take full-res shots up to 10fps. It also has amazing image quality, real-time eye autofocusing, and a Pixel Shift Multi-Shot mode that offers a new 16-shot composite option that ramps up to 240MP images! Hello, gorgeous extremely detailed prints!

But as is true with any good love match, the best are born of subtle details. That’s where the A7R IV really delivers. It sports doors that are weathered and sealed to keep out dust and moisture, its viewfinder is 60% sharper than it was on the A7R III, and ergonomically it’s such a comfortable fit — mainly due to a significantly larger grips — that you’ll feel this camera was made for your hand only.

Other features include:

  • Delivers an ISO range of 100-32000 range and reduces noise in the low- and mid-sensitivity ranges and tons of versatility
  • Shake-free remote shutter release
  • Burst shooting speed of up to approx. 68 images
  • Dual media slots, both supporting UHS-II
  • 4K video recording up to 30p, Full HD at up to 120p
  • High-resolution sensor provides lots of cropping potential
  • Extremely accurate color rendition

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5 reasons why we love the Sony A7R IV

1 – Resolution – Its 61MP sensor is much larger than any of its mirrorless predecessors and competitors.

2 – Low Light Sensitivity – Despite the higher pixel count it still holds high light sensitivity. Its native values range from 100-32000 and its extended values 50-102400

3 – Autofocus – It is much faster than the A7R III with 567 phase detection points compared to the A7R III’s 399. Much more comparable to the Canon 5D mark IV’s autofocus.

4 – Pixel Shift – Even though this was introduced with the A7R III it is much more advanced now in the mark IV, and capable of using up to 16 consecutive images.