10 Best iPhone Photography Apps

iPhone photography has gained recent popularity and finesse within the past years, giving smartphone owners the opportunity to take stunning photographs with ease. We see examples all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but do you ever wonder how to achieve such quality? The answer is through apps.

Just as most professional photographers utilize Photoshop to tweak their images to perfection, the App store has an abundance of high quality apps for both novice and advance iPhone photographers. Below is a lest of the tried-and-true 10 Best iPhone Photography Apps we’ve found.


  • Enhance photos with digital light effects
  • Adjustable atmospheric overlay
  • Effective due to basis on actual lens distortion photography
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Free on App Store with in-app purchases


  • Popular, easy to use, wide selection of tools.
  • Excels in basic photo technique such as exposure, color, sharpening, cropping, and straightening.
  • Many fun, textured filters
  • Good for beginner smartphone photographers
  • Free on App Store


  • Many filters and editing tools modeled after classics
  • Adjustable filter strength
  • Free on App Store with in-app purchases


  • Creates faux shallow depth of field
  • Various apertures and blur control
  • User friendly and effective
  • Motion blur and bokeh option


  • Offers many different grains, textures, and light leaks
  • All features fully adjustable
  • Layering feature
  • Slight learning curve, preset formulas used to help
  • $0.99 on App Store


  • Blends multiple photos together
  • Creative and easy to use
  • Simplifies features of Photoshop such as masking and layering
  • Needs experimentation for variety of effects
  • $0.99 on App Store


  • Corrects perspective and distortion
  • Specifically for fixing skewed images
  • Straightens converging lines caused by wide angle iPhone lens
  • $1.99 on App Store


  • Wide selection of general tools and whimsical, artsy ones for creative look
  • Many features, slight learning curve
  • Intuitive tools and easy Help feature
  • $3.99 on App Store

Filterstorm Neue

  • Selective editing capabilities through masking
  • Results similar to Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Offers powerful brightness and contrast curve
  • $3.99 on App Store


  • Brush and lasso tool used to remove blemishes or unwanted things in images including people
  • Easy to use and most effective of competitors
  • Fills in with surrounding pixels from area
  • $1.99 on App Store