Insurance Agencies

Below are two insurance companies that have asked to be listed on our site as a resource for you.

• Pro Gear Orlando highly recommends you download our SAMPLE CERTIFICATE of INSURANCE  and read everything in RED on the sample form.

• You cannot have General Liability or Personal Property insurance alone, you must have Misc. Rented Equipment (a.k.a Inland Marine) listed on the policy.

• IMPORTANT: This policy MUST include RENTED PHOTO EQUIPMENT (or equivalent) and also lists Pro Gear Orlando as LOSS PAYEE and ADDITIONALLY INSURED.

Policy must list all exclusions and confirm there is no unattended vehicle exclusion.

If you do not have the proper insurance you may elect to have a pre-authorization placed on a major credit card (not debit card) for the replacement value of the gear.  Any rented gear over $9,000 will automatically require insurance.

NOTE:  We do not accept insurance from THIMBLE as they do not cover Rented Photo Equipment and they do not have unattended vehicle coverage.