Equipment Manuals


Be it Lighting, DSLR, Lenses, Audio, or Power Solutions, ProGear has a full range of Equipment Manuals, free to download for all of your needs. Contact Us for further pricing inquiries or resources.

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Lighting/Accessories Manufacturer Product
Aputure LS-1200D
Aputure MC 4-Light Travel Kit
Astera Titan
Arri Skypanel S60-C (go to pg. 17 for Lighting Effects)
Generators (Power Packs)
Profoto Pro-10
Pro-8a 2400 Air
Pro-7a 2400
Acute 2R (built-in receiver)
Battery Packs / Heads / Power
Profoto Pro-B4 1000 Air
B1 500 Air
BatPac Inverter / Battery Unit
Mono Heads
Profoto D2 500 Air
D2 1000 Air
HMI Continuous Light
Profoto ProDaylight 800 Air (Kit)
Radio Transceivers
Profoto Air Remote / Air Sync
Air Remote TTL-C
Air Remote TTL-N
Air Remote TTL-S
Pocket Wizard (LPA) Plus IV
Plus III
Coms/Audio Manufacturer Product
Motorola 2-way Radio Motorola CP200D 2-Way Radio
Mars 400S Pro Mars 400S Pro User Manual
Teradek Wireless Bolt 500 XT Quick Start Guide
Bolt Manager
iKan  PT3500 Teleprompter 15″ High Bright Beam Splitter Teleprompter
DJI DJI RS 3 Pro and Pro Combo
Power/Battery Manufacturer Product
Generator (Inverter)
Honda EU 2000i
EU 3000is
EU 7000is
Profoto BatPac Inverter / Battery Unit
Volta V-385
Lizone 40000mAh Laptop Source
FAA Travel Certificate for Li-ion Batteries
Profoto B4 Battery
B1 Battery