Sensor Cleaning Services

Pro Gear Orlando offers sensor cleaning services in-house and by appointment.

Stay debris-free with the PGO Clean Sensor Program

(after the 5th service, the next sensor cleaning is free)*

Sensor Cleaning Services

Here’s some important info to educate yourself before you bring your camera to Pro Gear Orlando (PGO) for Sensor Cleaning Services:

It is important to note that some manufacturers have ok’d the use of hand blowers (not compressed air) on the sensor for general loose dust but ALL of them recommend the cameras be sent to the factory or an authorized service center for cleaning. Most photographers do not have the luxury of time and expense for this to happen.

Even though manufacturers have done their best to build in “cleaning modes” that shake the sensor to remove the dust off the sensor to an adhesive substance that awaits. Unfortunately this only works some of the time.

Today’s challenge is to keep the sensor clean and maintain a sense of cleanliness for as long as possible but inevitably your sensor will need some attention. Several factors lead to dust and debris on the surface and if you are aware of them you can help reduce the need for cleaning on a frequent basis. Believe it or not, just the simple act of using the camera creates dust from the shutter moving, parts microscopically grinding, and shutter lubricant being sloshed about, not to mention the particulates in the shutter box itself.

1). Call Pro Gear Orlando ahead of time to schedule an appointment. We will always do our best to accommodate your shooting schedule and understand that there are emergencies on occasion. Most turn-around times are an average of two hours.

2). Bring your camera along with a lens (we will clean that as well at no charge).

3). Please do not bring in any media, tripod mounts, extra batteries, etc., we will give them back to you.

4). Make sure your batteries are FULLY charged and in good working order. Whenever possible, bring in the AC power supply as some cameras require additional power to ensure the mirror stays up properly.


Upon arrival, PGO will inspect the sensor in front of you to discuss any concerns or potential problems before we accept the camera. Camera manufacturers recommend that you send your camera to an authorized service facility. PGO is not an authorized facility for any manufacturer though numerous cleanings are preformed throughout the day. PGO is not responsible for any sensor in its current condition. Those customers wishing a firmware upgrade are aware that a failure of a firmware update could result in camera locking or freezing and as a result will have to send the camera in question to a factory authorized facility for repair. PGO is not responsible for firmware update mishaps or a loss of preset custom functions or settings. Any questions or concerns should be addressed BEFORE releasing equipment to be cleaned.

*Does not include industrial institutions or rental houses, intended offer is for individual photographers.