Bolt Pro Tip: Battery Powered iMac

Has this ever happened to you? You’re preparing for a photo or video shoot with your gear, ready for a productive and successful day, when you realize there is no location power for your iMac. Not to worry, you are not alone. We were asked recently by one of our customers if there was a way to configure a battery powered iMac on location, just in case you have no other power supply. Our solution was to pair the Apple 27 Imac with a Block Battery 600w/h inverter powered by 4 Block Battery 2F1 batteries.

Surprisingly, this combination of the battery inverter, six 2F1 batteries, and a two port quick charger can keep you running all day if you have access to power for the charger. On remote locations with no power, you will get about three to four hours of battery runtime before you need to switch out the batteries. It’s the ultimate battery pack for a remote photoshoot, or for one of those times that you forget to bring your own external power solutions.