Building the Perfect Grip Kit

Get a Grip

The perfect Grip Kit is probably one of the most overlooked items in a filmmakers’ arsenal. Typically born from necessity, a perfect grip kit contains all the miscellaneous items that one might need for all the “what if” moments on a shoot. Whether its a pesky wire that wont stay on the ground, a screw that’s too loose, or hair that wont stay put, Bolt Productions has top of the line equipment rentals to build your ideal Grip Kit.

We wanted to make a list of items as a solid starting point for building the perfect grip kit. This is by no means the end all be all of lists. But will help get you headed in the right direction for customizing your kit to fit your particular needs.


• Justin Clamps – These spring clamps with a coldshoe mount are great for clipping speedlights to doors, shelves, etc.

• Super Clamps – Perfect for adding a second light to a stand or anywhere with a 5/8 pin.

• A-Clamps – Used to suspend diffusion material, modify wardrobes or even hold bounce cards.

• Mafer Clamp – Perfect for clamping to pipes and tubular objects to a surface to hold them in place.


• Spike Tape – Brightly colored tape that works great for setting actors marks without being too noticeable in the shot.

• Gaffer’s Tape – The MacGyver of any grip kit, this tape leaves no sticky residue and fixes everything, from loose wires to broken equipment.

• Masking Tape – Just like the kind from any office supply store, often used for less heavy-duty repairs.

• Duct Tape – Similar to Gaffer’s Tape, but more heavy duty and indestructible. Good for keeping people quiet or fixing generator leaks.


Lee Filters – Color Effect Filters and Diffusion Filters that look great for almost any shoot.

• Cinefoil – Black tinfoil used to block light at the source.

• Tri-Grip Reflector – Used for bouncing light onto a subject.

Superior Seamless Paper – Seamless or flame-retardant paper that can create smooth and even backgrounds for a shot.

• Blankets – Not necessarily just for when you’re cold. These act as good moving assistants.

• Tarps – Also helps block light.

Essential Tools

• Screwdrivers

• Pliers

• Wrench

• Leatherman

• Measuring Tape

• Work Gloves

• Rags/Cloths

• Glass Cleaner

• Stainless Steel Cleaner

• Flashlight

• Zip Ties

• Bungee Cords

• Rope

• Sharpies and Pens

• Batteries

• Extension Cords

• Chargers

• Paper Towels

• Hairspray

Phew, that was a lot. There is always going to be something to exchange, add or rework dependent upon the type of shoot your headed to.  What are the must have items in your grip kit? Let us know in the comments for a full list of the perfect grip kit equipment you can rent for an upcoming shoot.