The Fiilex Test Drive Program

Bolt is happy to announce a special rental opportunity for aspiring and professional photographers alike. The Fiilex Test Drive Program allows you to test specialized Fiilex gear for up to one week. Choose from six Fiilex Lighting Kits and see the difference they will make in your shoots immediately.


Kits Offered for the Fiilex Test Drive Program Include–

  • Matrix K164 Lighting Kit

    • 900W of Total Equivalent Output
    • Color Temperature Range 3000-5600 Kelvin – P100, P180E, P360EX
      Color Temperature Range (3000K, 4300K, 5600K, Magenta, Yellow, Aqua, Cyan, Blue) -P200
    • High CRI >92
    • Full Spectrum Light Quality – No Spikes
    • Dimming (100%-10%)
    • Flicker Free at any Frame Rate
    • Single Point Light Source
    • Solid State Technology – No Bulbs to Replace
    • Does not Emit UV Light/Radiation
    • Includes One P360EX Head, One P180E Head, One P200 Head, One P100 Head, Barndoors, and Matrix Fresnel
  • K151 Lighting Kit

    • 750W Equivalent
    • 2800-6500 Color Temp
    • Hue Control: +/- 0.25 Magenta/Green 
    • Built-In DMX, CRI 93
    • LCD Display
    • 27-50 Degree Spot-to-Flood
    • 100-240 VAC Power
    • Battery Compatible
    • Flicker-free
    • Includes One Q500-AC Head, One 8 Inch Fresnel, and One Para Softbox
  • K412 Four Light Kit 

    • Dimming (10 -100%)
    • Full-Spectrum Light Quality
    • Single-Point Dense Matrix LED Light Source
    • Flicker-Free
    • Cool Touch
    • Compatible with Broadcast Batteries
    • Solid State Technology
    • Does Not Emit UV Radiation
    • Includes Two P360EX Lamps, Two P180E Lamps, One Fiilex Accessory Kit, and One Softbox
    • Rent Daily: $100
  • K302 Three Light Kit 

    • Includes Three P360EX Lamps, One Fiilex Accessory Kit, and One Block Battery Kit
    • Rent Daily: $250

To be eligible for the Fiilex test drive program you must fill out a Rental Agreement Form and provide a Fedex number for shipping. If you do not have a FedEx number, we will bill you ground shipping.