Profoto Pro-10 2400 Air-TTL

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Profoto Pro-10 2400 AirTTL Power Pack

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Profoto Pro-10 2400 AirTTL Power Pack

The 2-outlet Profoto Pro-10 2400 AirTTL Power Pack recycles in 0.02 to 0.7 sec, faster than its Pro-8 predecessor, and is capable of quick bursts up to 50 flashes per second. The power range has also expanded to 11 stops (2.4 – 2400Ws), selectable in full or 1/10 stop increments on its high resolution display. Action and special effects shooters will appreciate significantly faster flash durations as short as 1/80,000 sec. The pack also supports High Speed Sync (HSS) up to 1/8000 sec for managing output in full daylight, creative use of wide apertures or freezing action. Firmware updates are easily installed via the pack’s USB port.

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