LED Lighting Guide – ARRI Skypanel

As we’ve seen a shift in the professional photographic industry from primarily still image creation to full motion, we’ve adjusted our rental inventory to keep pace with the demand. LEDs are the hottest, well coolest, new wave in lighting products because of their small size, cool operating temps, incredible power output, adjustability and flicker-free light output.

Recently we’ve added a variety of the LED lighting equipment to our inventory from top manufactures like Dracast, Fiilex and KinoFlo. Keep reading for an in-depth look at our LED product lineup.

ARRI knocks it out of the park with its LED light fixture lineup

With awesome power and flexibility, the SkyPanel produces beautifully clean light with a single soft shadow. Perfect for broadcast and theatrical applications!

ARRI SkyPanel Features from ARRI on Vimeo.

With a light output of 162fc at 9.8 feet, the SkyPanel is extremely bright. Use diffusion panels for softer washes, or blast the light full on, all without LED color banding or splotches.

The SkyPanel’s biggest strength is it’s CCT Control. The only LED panel light that features FACTORY APPROVED and CALIBRATED Gel settings from Roscoe and Lee Gel manufacturers.  Everything from Full CTO / CTB / Straw or any other gel manufactured by Rosoce and Lee can be dialed in with a simple numerical value.

However, Creating Shadows is just as impressive. With its wide aperture and variety of LED light sources, the shadows produced are soft and uniform — no multiples, strange colors or LED artifacts.

Finally, ARRI ties is all together with the S60’s Flexibility. With a mere 5.24” depth, the SkyPanel can squeeze its way into the tightest of spots. Its shape allows it to be used discreetly as a footlight, while its remotely located power supply provides for a greater variety of positioning options.  Easy to use and easier to control with large displays for low light situations.

SkyPanel ‘C’ (Color) versions have the ability to adjust the correlated color temperature anywhere between 2,800 K and 10,000 K, with excellent color rendition over the entire range. Full plus and minus green correction can be achieved as well as Roscoe and Lee factory approved gel settings are built-in.  Simply dial-in the corresponding gel to the number associated from Roscoe and Lee.  Anything from Full CTO / CTB / Straw and the entire line.

Skypanel CCT

Examples of Gels from Roscoe:

Examples of Gels from Roscoe

Examples of Gels from Roscoe 02

SkyPanel perfectly mixes some 2,000 calibrated red, green, blue and white LEDs into one homogeneous beam of soft light. In addition to providing excellent light, the SkyPanel also provides excellent shadows. The shadows are soft in nature and do not exhibit multiple edges or strange colors, making SkyPanel one of the best LED soft lights for shadow rendition on the market.

Skypanel Shadow

With three simple knobs, the color temperature, green/magenta point, intensity, hue and saturation can be adjusted instantly. People who have never used the light before find the interface effective and intuitive.

Easy To Use Skypanel

Being able to tuck a SkyPanel up against a wall and achieve the amount and quality of light it produces is now a reality compared to its competition.