Ikan 4700-TK

Professional 17” High Bright Beam Splitter Teleprompter Travel Kit

The latest teleprompter from Ikan can be summed up with three words: clarity, versatility and ease. With a 1000 nit high bright monitor, you’ll have a prompting image that’s extremely clear, no matter what type of light it’s under, and the 70/30 glass achieves the perfect balance of reflection and pass-through, without image distortion. The 4700-K is also quick and easy to setup, whether you’re inside a studio or out on location.

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Why We Love It:

“The Ikan 4700 can handle 3 different camera sizes with the 3 interchangeable camera bases provided in the kit. The unit comes in a waterproof traveling case on wheels for easy transport. The screen’s brightness is one of the best we’ve seen in the market!”