Camera Ribbon – by Brian Schilling

I feel fortunate to have been asked by ProGear to test out a new product called, CameraRibbon.  This is an item introduced at NAB this year.  CameraRibbon will be rented and sold at ProGear Chicago.

I found it easy to fall in love with the simple design and ease of use.  Most jobs I shoot have an interview set-up, usually on tripod; and a vérité portion, usually handheld.  The CameraRibbon is the first handheld rig that I feel comfortable using.  It is super lightweight and its S-contour design is very comfortable on the body.

CameraRibbon is a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum with a handle and removable counterweights.  The camera is mounted at a slight angle on the rig, and the Ribbon crosses your body at about a 35-degree angle.  This puts your viewfinder/screen in your line-of-site and also keeps the handle at a close distance to maximize stability without wearing out your body after long periods of use.

Depending on the kind of camera you’re using, you may want to hold on to the handle with your right or left hand to operate with your other; whatever is natural for you.  I’ve been shooting motion for many years and am used to operating with my left, so I hold the handle with my right.  However, I got the rig into photographer Brian Kuhlmann’s hands for a recent shoot and without instruction he did the opposite, operating with his right.

So far, I’ve tested the CameraRibbon with an HDSLR camera, although there are a few different versions of the Ribbon optimized for different types of cameras.  I’d recommend checking out the CameraRibbon website or talking to ProGear for more details.  PortaBrace has also made a bag specifically for this Rig.

Brian Schilling

Schilling Film