Capture One 20

Capture One 20
Your favorite  photo  editing tools.  Only better. With  new easy-to-use  tools, more adjustment possibilities and  shortcuts for  faster workflows, Capture One 20 lets you edit and organize photos like never before.



Get the cleanest possible images
Retain colors and details like never before when shooting with high ISO. With improved noise reduction, start your editing […]

Capturing Movement – Short Flash Duration vs. Hypersync

Short flash duration vs. high-speed sync: What’s best for freezing motion?

Our customers at Bolt aren’t afraid to ask questions — which is great because we love answering them! 

One question we get asked a lot is about freezing motion, with customers often wondering:

Is it better to freeze motion with […]

LED Lighting Guide – Kino Flo

LED Lighting Guide – Dracast

As we’ve seen a shift in the professional photographic industry from primarily still image creation to full motion, we’ve adjusted our rental inventory to keep pace with the demand. LEDs are the hottest, well coolest, new wave in lighting products because of their small size, cool operating temps, incredible power […]