Profoto D2

With the Profoto D2, you’re always up to speed. Available in either 500 or 1000Ws and a 10 stop range, you can shoot a quick burst of up to 20 flashes.  Whether you’re shooting portrait, food, fashion or sport, with a flash duration of up to 1/63,000 of a second you’ll get a great shot every time. This is high-end light shaping excellence in a superfast and versatile package for photographers who demand only the very best.

The Profoto D2 can be fully integrated together with AirTTL flashes like the B1 and B2. You can shoot with all flashes in TTL or manual mode or combine them as you wish. For example set the D2 in manual for the background and use the B1 or B2 in TTL as the main flash. HSS is available in both manual and TTL modes.

Profoto has narrowed everything down to 6 Reasons for the Profoto D2.  The ability to FREEZE the moment, CATCH peak action, CONTROL your surroundings, ease of use with TTL – High Speed Sync (HSS), ability to OVERPOWER another light source, and GROW with your existing Profoto equipment.

• Available in 500 and 1000Ws adjustable in 1/10 f-stop increments over a 10 f-stop power range to give you both power and precise control.
• Bursts up to 20 flashes per second with flash durations up to 1/63,000 of a second.
• High Speed Sync up to 1/8,000s.
• Shoot in TTL or manual mode.
• Fully integrated with other AirTTL flashes like B1 and B2.
• Built-in reflector for maximum output and minimizing of straylight.
• High-resolution display with a superior, intuitive interface.
• Optional Quartz flashtube for high volume packshot available.
• Compatible with 120+ Light Shaping Tools from Profoto’s renowned light shaping system.

The D2 can provide super quick flash durations up to 1/63,000 of a second. Shoot and freeze items in mid air and they appear to be frozen, a photographic work of art.

Times shown are in 1/1000th’s of a second, measured at t0.5

D2 1000 D2500
Power Freeze Normal Power Freeze Normal
1 50,000 11,000 1 63,000 17,000
2 35,000 8,300 2 49,000 11,500
3 27,000 5,848 3 34,000 9,000
4 19,800 3,000 4 25,974 7,600
5 15,625 2,500 5 18,800 6,500
6 12,500 2,469 6 14,700 5,300
7 8,800 2,058 7 12,000 4,255
8 4,566 1,859 8 7,400 3,500
9 1,700 1,700 9 2,900 2,900
10 1,600 1,600 10 2,600 2,600

The D2 can shoot up to 20 flashes per second. That’s fast enough to catch the best of any moment. Ask your subject to jump and you’ll have 20 images from which to choose.

The ability to now control ambient light and mix with fast flash duration has never been easier.

Profoto High-Speed Sync (HSS) enables you to shoot with shutter speeds up to 1/8,000 of a second. Use HSS to shoot with large aperture in bright conditions or to freeze action with absolute sharpness.

One of the biggest challenges for any photographer is to be able to mix bight sunlight used as a backlight, and still have enough power, sync speed and flash duration to complete the shot.

The Light Shaping Tools is what makes Profoto really shine. More than 120 tools are available – each with its own distinct effect on light characteristics, distribution and output. Most of the tools are equipped with Profoto’s unique clamp mechanism, which makes them easy to mount and allows you to shape the light by simply sliding the reflector back and forth on the head.  Designed for Forward and Backwards compatibility of Profoto light sources.

D2 500 AirTTL D2 1000 AirTTL
Sepcification Description Specification Description
Max Energy 500 W/S Max Energy 1000 W/S
Energy Range 10 f-stops (1-500 W/S) Energy Range 10 f-stops (2-1000 W/S)
Energy Control Increments 1/10 or Full f-stops Energy Control Increments 1/10 or Full f-stops
Recycling Time 0.03 – 0.06 sec (Quick Burst Up to 20 Flashes/Sec) Recycling Time 0.03 – 1.2 sec (Quick Burst Up to 20 Flashes/Sec)
Shortest Flash Duration (in Freeze Mode) 1/63,000s Shortest Flash Duration (in Freeze Mode) 1/50,000s
Longest Flash Duration 1/2600s Longest Flash Duration 1/1600s